Damaged License File

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Damaged License File

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This message will occur if the license file that is used by Q++ to recognize you and your workstation as registered users is damaged. The cause of this file damage can be varied, form a disk write error of Windows to a sudden change in your workstation's internal clock date and time.


To resolve this problem, please follow the steps below :


1.Contact technical support and mention "error message 176335".


2.You will receive from technical support an email whose text contains a license fix-up code, and an attached ZIP file.


3.Close Q++ on all workstations.


4.Make sure that the PC clock of all workstations is set to the correct date and time.


5.Open the ZIP file and copy the 3 files it contains into the Q:\Q++ServerXE2\ folder.


6.Sitting at the workstation that has the problem (error message 176335), launch the Q:\Q++ServerXE2\Q++FixLicense.exe program.


7.Enter the fix-up code and click on OK.


8.You should now be able to launch Q++Studio.


It is important to note that the fix-up code you receive in the email from technical support is only valid for one day, so make sure that you perform all steps above on the same date.

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