The Diary Generation Messages List Dialog

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The Diary Generation Messages List Dialog

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The Diary Generation Messages List Dialog is accessible from the Debug and Diary Generation menu sequence, and it displays the list of the messages issued during Diary Generation, showing them in the context of the contents of the original textbox and tokens, with contextual help on each message type.


This tool's use is analytical, it allows you to see what the messages were, the original context and help about the meaning of each message. Depending on the situation you may prefer a more visual tool that shows you where in the output file the message originated. In that case you should use the View Messages in Quark debug tool instead.


The messages issued by both Q++Studio and QuarkXPress during diary generation are displayed in the order of the page numbers.



When you select a message, a rough sketch of the original object is displayed at the bottom left in Original Object, and the p-Code that was executed is displayed on the right in New Value. If you need a more detailed view of the p-Code sent to QuarkXPress, you can use The p-Code Debugger.


Also, when you select a message, a preview of the corresponding help topic is displayed on the right in Help Preview.



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