Macro aborted; too many levels of formatting !

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Macro aborted; too many levels of formatting !

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This message occurs if there are more than 2 levels of formatting resulting from the conversion of a macro token. In concrete terms that means that :


you can have a macro token whose result applies some formatting to its textual result


and this text which results from the macro token can refer to an included macro whose result applies additional formatting to its text result.


The result of the included macro can in turn refer to yet another included macro, but the result of this third macro cannot contain any elements of formatting to be applied to its text result. The present message occurs when this is attempted.


Lets us consider an real-life example. The grid below is used to present 12 months / 2 pages, where 30-day months have all dates in bold/red , and Sundays in blue.



The GridTemplate consists of a single macro token at the top of each monthly column.



This macro replaces the macro token by a text made up of the tokens '[1*8d]&t[1*8Ddd]' to '[31*8d]&t[31*8Ddd]'. The resulting action, if the month only contains 30 days, is to make that entire text result column bold and red.


In turn, the included macro *8 changes its textual result to blue, on Sundays.

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