Macro is not compiled

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Macro is not compiled

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Cause : The Macro associated with one of the Macro tokens, has not been compiled successfully. Since Q++Studio automatically tries to compile every Macro before saving it, this message means that the current Macro has errors in it that prevent Q++Studio from compiling it.


Consequences : Q++Studio will not let you preview or generate a diary until this problem is fixed.


Solutions :


Compile Macro : Tries to compile the Macro automatically and displays the results.


Re-Compile All Macros : Tries to re-compile all the Macros in the shared database.


Open Macro in the Macros Editor (recommended) : Opens the Macros editor so you can fix the error that is preventing Q++Studio from compiling the current Macro. This is the preferred solution.


Modify Macros used : Opens the Macros property editor, so you can associate another Macro with the current token.

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