The Macro Search Dialog

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The Macro Search Dialog

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The Macros Search Dialog is used to search through the entire the shared macros database for occurrences of a word or partial word. To open this dialog, use the TOOLS|find macro menu item of the Q++Studio main window, or use the FILE|find macro menu item of the Q++Studio Macros Editor.



This dialog is useful when you know you have a snipplet of code somewhere in one macro, but cannot remember where.


Enter the text to search for at the top of the dialog (the search is case-insensitive, so you do not need to worry about upper or lowercase).

You can choose to search only in titles, if you know the text you are searching for is in the name of one of your macros.

Click on Find to reach the first occurrence of the text you entered. If a match is found, it is highlighted in the macro's title or body.

Click on Again to search for the next occurrence.

Once you have found the macro you are looking for, click on Open to open it in the Macros Editor.


Note that this dialog is resizeable.

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