Minicalendar contains an unexpected number of @ markers

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Minicalendar contains an unexpected number of @ markers

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This run-time message is generated when Q++Studio has finished converting a Minicalendar Textbox, if it notices that the number of Dates Markers (the @ character) is not divisible by 7, or that it is not 37 either.


There are 2 possible causes for this message :


You converted an existing minical incorrectly and forgot to put @ symbols even where the existing sample had no dates (where the outside days are).

You designed a one-line minical, but did not use the proper token offset or minical option, so Q++Studio thinks you are trying to generate a "square" minical which should have a number of @ symbols divisible by 7.


If the cause is the first one listed above, then this message is generated is that a number of @ characters that is not evenly divisible by 7 is often due to a faulty conversion of a previous year's minicalendar which started on another day than Monday.



When this happens, as seen above, the series of @ characters starts too late, which means that your minicalendars will all seem to start later than they should (in the example above all dates would appear 2 weekdays later than expected).


Note that this verification does not occur for minicalendars which use a Date Offset, since these minicalendars are often one-line minicalendars, where the number of @ markers may be anything depending on whether you start the minical on the 1st of the month, and if the minical is split across 2 pages. If the cause is the second one listed above, then the verification is not skipped, hence the message.


See also: There are only 35 "@" MiniCal date markers, but "5-Week" option is not set.

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