Minicalendar Duration Minicalendar Modifier

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Minicalendar Duration Minicalendar Modifier

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The Duration Minicalendar Modifier, denoted by :du (followed by a number from 1-99) can be used to specify that a minicalendar has a duration of more than 1 month (the default when this modifier is not present).


The example on the right illustrates the type of results that can be obtained using the :du modifier.


The main effect of the :du modifier is to re-define the conditions under which a date will be considered to be an outside day. In the example on the right, this means that although we specified that outside days should be hidden, dates in the 2 months that follow the minicalendar month are still displayed normally, but dates belonging to the 4th month and beyond are hidden.


In this particular case we used :du3 with a minicalendar based on the previous month for a complete minicalendar token of [4mc-01:du3].


The shading of the dates of the current month is not a result of the use of the :du modifier; this effect was obtained using Paragraph Formatting options.

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