aeiouHolidays are undefined but used by MiniCals

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aeiouHolidays are undefined but used by MiniCals

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If you think this message is appearing erroneously, make sure that it is not caused by one or more of the a-e-i-o-u sets being selected in the Holidays Override property of one of the DiaryGridLines.


Cause : In the MiniCals property of the current DiaryGridLine, you have specified that some action should occur if there is a holiday. However no Holidays Sets are associated with that Holidays List.


Consequences : The actions you have specified will never occur because there are no Holidays Sets to generate any holidays occurences.


Solutions :


Change List of Holidays Sets : Opens the corresponding Holidays List property editor, so you can select one or more Holidays Sets to use.


Edit Holidays Rules : Let you add/modify holidays rules (equivalent to using the "DATA|holidays" menu.


Select a Holidays Set : This opens up a sub-menu containing all the Holidays Sets of your shared database. You can then select one Holidays Set to associate with the current Holidays List. See also the next solution.


Use one of the prefered Holidays Sets : At the bottom of this popup menu, you will find the "favourite" Holidays Sets as you have selected them in International Preferences. Note that you can only select one Holidays Set using this solution.


If the actions specified in the MiniCal options are erroneous (ie. you did not mean to have them set), you can just edit the corresponding MiniCal property.

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