Missing rows and columns headings in monthly grids

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Missing rows and columns headings in monthly grids

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This problem is characterized by weekday headers that seem to disappear randomly, as well as a less frequent disappearance of the row headers when they indicate the week number. This problem usually occurs when the Monthly Outside Days option of the "Grid Options" property is set to hide.


The cause of this problem is choosing token DayValues for the grid, without anticipating the effect of the hiding the outside days.


Typically the weekday headers in the GridTemplate refer to DayValues from 1 to 7. However when you ask Q++Studio to hide outside days, it group-deletes any textbox where it finds a token with a date outside of the current month. Thus, if a month starts on a Saturday, all the weekday headers from Monday to Friday will be deleted. The cause of the disappearing week numbers is the same.


The solution is to use DayValues ranging from 8 to 14 for the weekday headers. These DayValues will yield the exact same weekday names, and you are always assured that a DayValue of 8 is in the current month.


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