Moon Data Source needs upgrading

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Moon Data Source needs upgrading

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Cause : The Moon Data Source selected in the Moon Data Source property of the International ScriptLine has not been upgraded to match the new moon data format which was introduced in build 10061 (May 15, 2003).


Consequences : Moon Tokens of the current script will be converted based on a geographical location of 0 degrees of latitude, 0 degrees of longitude, a time zone of 0 with respect to GMT, and no summer time rules. This will not be very far off for moon phases tokens, but will give totally unexpected results for moonrise and moonset tokens (unless you are making a diary for Ghana).


Solutions :


Choose another Moon Data Source : Opens the corresponding property editor to let you select another Moon Data Source to use with the current script.


Upgrade the curent Moon Data Source : Opens the Moon Sources Manager, so you can upgrade the currently selected Moon Source.

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