Moon Tokens

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Moon Tokens

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Q++Studio offers a wide range of possible ways of displaying Moon-only data such as Moon phases, moonrise, moonsetting, Moon transit, and Moon in Zodiac. To display information that relates to the Moon and any of the other planets (including the Earth), see planetary tokens.


The various tokens used to display Moon-only data are :


Moon Phases

[mp] [mt] [mpt]

Moon Times

[mrt] [mst] [mtt]

Moon in Zodiac

[mz] [mzn] [mzt]

Moon Day (Tithi)

[md] [mdd] [mD] [mDD]


Moon tokens get their data from the Moon Data Source specified in the International property Moon Data. To avoid inconsistencies, all moon phases tokens in a Script use the same data source. The property Moon Options, controls the way moon phases are displayed for each individual DiaryGridLine.


See also : Jewish Religious Tokens, Muslim Religious Tokens, Sun Tokens.

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