User Defined Token Naming Rules

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User Defined Token Naming Rules

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When you define your own tokens, the name you give to these tokens must obey the following :


Token names must be unique.


You can only define tokens with a single translation; you cannot define mixed source tokens. For example you cannot define a new token which has a translation of "weekday" or "week-end" depending on the date, because Q++Studio has no way of knowing which of the 2 translations to use.


The first character of any user defined token must be ':' (a colon).


The characters allowed in a token name are the following : 'a' to 'z', 'A' to 'Z', '1' to '9' and the characters '&' ':' '.'  ';'  '!'  '\'  '/'  '(' ')'  '|'  '_'.


Note that you will be warned if the new token name violates any of the rules above.

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