No Macro associated with token

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No Macro associated with token

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Cause : In the Macros property of the current DiaryGridLine, one of the tokens is not associated with any Macro.


The origin of the macro token can be of 2 types depending on the token mentioned in this message :


If the token begins with [* then this is token that is in your GridTemplate, or in then Holidays (Multiple) ScriptLine Property.


If the token begins with [#* then this token comes from the GenTokens Options.


If the message refers to #INCLUDE then this message is generated by the use of the INCLUDE_MACRO directive in one of the macros already used in the script.


Consequences : Q++Studio will ignore this Macro token when generating this Script. All occurrences of this token will be replaced by blanks. No run-time messages will be generated.


Solutions :


Modify Macros used : Opens the Token Macros property editor, so you can associate another Macro with the current token, or activate it. This is the preferred solution.


Modify template name.qxd : Opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress, so you can modify the tokens used.


Select another Template : Lets you choose another GridTemplate.


Open Macro in the Macros Editor : Opens the Macros editor so you can fix the error that is preventing Q++Studio from compiling the current Macro. This is the preferred solution.

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