Non-keyboard characters in Moon Options

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Non-keyboard characters in Moon Options

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Cause : Q++Studio has noticed non-keyboard characters in either the Surround Symbol By or the Separate Multiple Moon Phases With settings of the current DiaryGridLine's Moon Options property. Non-keyboard characters are ASCII characters that have no visul interpretation, such as #0 (the null terminator character).


The root cause of this message is usually opening a very old Script that was designed before July 1998, or a Script being corrupted. If this message starts occuring regularly, contact technical support.


Consequences : Remove these characters, or Q++Studio may crash during diary generation. At best, your output file will look strange as QuarkXPress may not be able to deal with some of these characters.


Solutions :


Edit the problem string : Automatically opens the property editor so you can correct the string that generated this message (it will be easy to spot as some charcters will be replaced by black squares or other weird characters).

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