No options set for [GenTokens] token

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No options set for [GenTokens] token

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Cause : Q++Studio noticed that the current GridTemplate contains [GenTokens], but that you have not set any corresponding options in the GridOptions property.


Note that to determine if you have set any options for a particular GenTokens, Q++Studio looks at the contents of the Text and Tokens to display on each line field of the GenTokens options dialog. This means that this message will be generated if there is no text specified for each line, as can happen if you only want to show lines and shading. In that case, place a space in the field that contains the text to be repeated, to avoid having this message come up puriously.


Consequences : The [GenTokens] token mentioned in this message's text will be replaced by a blank in the output file.


Solutions :


Change [GenTokens] Options : opens the GridOptions property editor so that you can specify the settings to use to convert the [GenTokens] token mentioned in this message.

Add a space to the Text and Tokens to display on each line field as discussed above.

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