No slogan token of ID=anID in filename.qxd

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No slogan token of ID=anID in filename.qxd

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Cause : A Slogans Set and rule was assigned to the slogan token index XX, in the current DiaryGridLine's Slogan Rules property. However, Q++Studio could find no corresponding token of the form "[:slogXX…]" in the GridTemplate itself.


Consequences : Since diary generation is driven by tokens, and there is no token corresponding to this message, you will not get any run-time messages. The Slogan Rules you set for this index value will just be ignored.


Solutions :


Modify Slogan Rules : Automatically opens the Slogan Rules property editor so you can remove what may be a spuious rule.


Correct the Token in name.qxd  : Opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress, so you can add a Slogan token corresponding in index to the value of XX of this message.

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