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The system variable nRESULT is not always used. However, whenever you want to pass a number as the result of a Macro, you will use nRESULT as it is the only variable that can be used.


Currently there are 3 principal uses to nResult (apart from the default which is to do nothing) which are specified in the Resulting Actions tab the Macros Options :


Change date of Tokens in sRESULT : Use this option to modify the date of any tokens that are included in the text value of sResult. This is useful to ensure that all recursive tokens that result from a macro have the date you wish (click here for an example).


Change date of subsequent Minicalendars : Use this option to modify the date of any minicalendars that follow the current macro token (click here for an example).


Change the color of text and/or background : Use this option to modify the color of the text resulting from a macro (ie. sResult) and/or change the color of the textbox that contains the macro token that is being evaluated. The value of nResult must correspond to the 24-bit color value as displayed in the Templates Manager..


If you do not set a value for nRESULT, then Q++Studio will assume it is 0 (zero).

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