Comparative List of Objects and their Properties

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Comparative List of Objects and their Properties

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The Objects tab of the Quark File Comparer displays all the objects contained in the 2 compared files, and their contents. A detailed comparison of all the properties of each object is displayed in the central properties inspector.



Although the interface of the Objects tab contains many controls, the principle behind it is very simple :


1.Select an object from file 1 and an object from file 2.


2.View their properties side-by-side in the properties inspector at the center.


The tool bars to the right and to the left can be used to facilitate the selection of objects (step 1, above).


Their controls are :


Page Number

Changing the value of thsi control makes the list of objects for file 1 jump to the first object on the specified page. Conversely, as you scroll the list of objects on the left manually, the page number displayed here stays synchronized.

Jump to ...

Use the drop-down menu that appears when you click on this button to have the left side list of object jump to the first occurrence of the differences listed in the log tab.

Synchronize Page

When this control is checked, then the list of objects on the right tries to stay on the same page as that on the left side (whenever the page number on the left changes).

Synchronize Object ID

When this control is checked, then the list of objects on the right tries to stay on the same page and object ID as that on the left side.



The toolbar of the object inspector in the middle can be setup in different manners to better compare the properties of the objects selected on the left and right (step 2, above).


The Categorize checkbox determines if the properties are listed in alphabetical order, or grouped into logical sub-categories :



The properties displayed can also be filtered to display all properties, only the ones that differ or only the one that are the same (properties that differ are always displayed in bold, regardless of the filter used).


Some properties can be viewed more fully in a specific dialog; when your mouse is over one of these properties, the mouse cursor will change to a finger :



When that happens, you can click on the property to bring up the specific dialog. This is particularly useful to bring up the text comparer that can be used to pinpoint difference in PlainText and Xtags (formatted text).

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