One-Time-Dates Properties

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One-Time-Dates Properties

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The properties of each One-Time-Date are set in the dialog that is displayed when adding or modifying a One-Time-Date.




dateThe one-time-date on which the current event will occur.


nameYou can click on the ellipsis button to open a larger text editor. Note that you can right-click on the editor to change the format of the selected text to bold, italic or superscript.


priorityUse this setting to ensure that the current one-time date appears in the order you wish in the event of multiple occurrences of holidays within the Holidays sets of a given Holidays List. For more details, see ordering of holidays.


Associated SymbolsThis option lets you specify which symbols should appear to replace the tokens [â]..[û]. Click on the ellipsis to select one or more symbols to associate with this holiday's occurrences. The symbols proposed to you belong to the Symbol Font of the current Holidays Set. If you remember the keyboard character used to display these symbols, you can type them in directly. Otherwise, you can click on the left button to open the holidays symbol selection dialog. If the list of symbols already exist in text form, you can click on the right button to use the text to symbols conversion. If you are entering many holidays which use the same holiday symbol, you can set a series of holidays symbols as default for a Holidays Set. This will save you from having to re-enter the same symbols for each new holiday.


AbbreviationThis allows you to set an abbreviated text for the current holiday. Often this text is the shortened form of the country/countries name(s) where this holiday occurs (for example : F, D, A, GB). The tokens [Fâ] .. [Fû] are used to display abbreviated holidays.


When you are done, click on the OK or Cancel button.

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