Output Filename contains more than one period

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Output Filename contains more than one period

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Cause : The output file name you have set contains more than one period, for example :




This is likely to cause problems with programs such as QuarkXPress, as they will think that the filename extension (which should be .QXD) is in fact ".5x11.5.QXD", because it assumes that there is only one period in a filename, and that that period marks the beginning of the file extension.


Consequences : You must clean up the filename before you can generate a diary.


Solutions :


Let Q++Studio generate an output filename : Generates a composite file name. Before using this option, make sure you have set the language(s) and year properties, so that the name generated by Q++Studio is useful.


Set the output filename yourself  : Sets this property to edit mode so you can set a file name yourself. The allowed characters are : a..z , A..Z, 0..9, .(period), :(colon), _(underscore), -(hyphen), #(hash), \(backslash), ~(tilde).

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