Output Filename/Folder refers to the wrong Year

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Output Filename/Folder refers to the wrong Year

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Cause : The output file name (or folder) for the current script contains a reference to a year which is no the same as the Year property of the script. For example, for a script whose year is 2004, the following would generate this message :


(filename)        c:\temp\Daily_Eng_2003.qxd

(folder)                c:\temp\2003_diaries\Daily_Eng.qxd


Consequences : If you ignore this message you run the risk of generating a diary whose name contains a misleading reference to a year, or you may save your output into an incorrect folder and later have problems finding it again.


Solutions :


Replace Year1 by Year2 in File/Folder Name (recommended) : Replace the incorrect year by the year of the current script, wherever the incorrect year appears in the output filename. Note that, apart from the replacement of the year, this does not modify your filename.


Let Q++Studio generate an output filename : Generates a composite file name. Before using this option, make sure you have set the language(s) and year properties, so that the name generated by Q++Studio is useful.


Set the output filename yourself  : Sets this property to edit mode so you can set a file name yourself.

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