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str = PadString(sFull,sPad,bPadFront,bPadBack)


This macro function returns a string in which every character of the sFull string is separated by sPad. bPadFront and bPadBack determine if the padding string should also be added to the front and back of the resulting string.


This function is often used in combination with Special Characters Tokens to make the result of tokens appear vertically (where each character of the token's translation appears on a separate line)


   sRESULT = EvalToken(n_TokenDate,s_TokenRoot)

   sRESULT = PadString(sRESULT,'&s',false,false)


In the above example, note how it is the result of evaluating the token which is passed to the function, and not the token itself (this would make the token invalid).


See also : StrReplace.

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