Path of external Quark Preferences file not found

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Path of external Quark Preferences file not found

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Cause : This message occurs if a Script is has it Update Quark Preferences property set to true (the default) and the preferences file of QuarkXPress cannot be found. The preferences file should be located in the folder where you installed QuarkXPress and, depending on the version of QuarkXPress used, be named :


QuarkXPress 3 : Xpress.PRF


QuarkXPress 4 : XPress Preferences (no file extension)


QuarkXPress 5 : the entire .\Preferences\ subfolder.


QuarkXPress 6 : preferences are automatically shared via the Windows Registry.


This is an extremely rare occurence, usually caused by re-installing Q++Studio on a new PC where QuarkXPress has not been installed yet.


Consequence : You will not be able to generate diaries until this problem is solved. Fortunately this is an easy problem to solve.


Solutions :


Set the Preferences path (recommended) : opens the Q++Studio Preferences dialog on the page in which you can specify the path where the version of QuarkXPress you are using is installed.


Change this setting manually : takes you to the Update QuarkXPress Preference property so you can set it to false and avoid this message in the future. This solution is not recommended.

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