Path to Idapi32.cfg file is not specified

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Path to Idapi32.cfg file is not specified

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Cause : This message occurs if you are still using the Q++Studio Xtensions from before 2006, and have specified that you want the Xtension to use the CFG file to ste its database initialization parameters (both the Use New Xtensions and the Use CFG preferences are discussed here).


Consequence : You will not be able to scan GridTemplates or generate diaries until this problem is solved.


Solutions :


Use the New Xtensions (recommended): This will ensure that Q++Studio uses the most recent Xtensions, dating from the end of 2005, that do not rely on a database engine anymore (and hence do not care where the CFG file is located).


Update Idapi32.cfg file path : Use this option to let Q++Studio automaticall search for the idapi32.cfg file and specify the found path internally.


Do not use Idapi32.cfg to initialize the BDE (not recommended, bad, bad, bad !!!) : Let the Xtension, and hence Quark, try to guess where the CFG file is. This is very dangerous as this might pick-up an older version of the CFG file (particularly if you used Quark 3 at one time on your PC).

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