Q++ Server Required Configuration (XE2)

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Q++ Server Required Configuration (XE2)

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The Q++ Server does not need to be a powerful or recent PC, but it needs a spacious and relatively fast hard disk and good network connectivity. The specifications for a Q++ ANSI Server are:



Pentium Dual-Core.


4-8 GB

Operating System

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate (SP1), or Windows 2008 Server R2 (SP1) or Windows 2012 Server.


You must be logged on as Administrator on any computer on which you want to install and run the Q++ Server.


A 15 inch display with a screen resolution of 800 by 600 and 256 colors is sufficient.

Disk Space

You should have a second hard drive at D:\, with at least 100GB free, on which to install the Q++ Server.


A fast network card of high quality and a good internet connection.

Separately Purchased Software


Additional Requirements

1.The computer on which the Q++ server software is installed must be logged-on as Administrator, and running, at all the times.

2.The entire D:\ drive must be shared to be accessed by all the Q++ workstations, as Administrators.

3.Q++ users may need to physically access that computer once in awhile, to perform updates or reboot it.

4.The Q++ Server must have access to the internet (via SMTP and FTP) at night, usually between 2-4am.

5.The server and workstation(s) should be physically connected to the same hub.


To allow technical support to assist you, if needed, please install TeamViewer exactly as described here, using the download links of that page, an using qpp160396 as password in step 8 of the TeamViewer instructions.

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