QuarkXPress has recently crashed (QuarkXPress 4 and above)

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QuarkXPress has recently crashed (QuarkXPress 4 and above)

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This message concerns QuarkXPress versions 4 and above.


Source : Just before it crashed with a message Caught unknown exception, aborting, QuarkXPress sent a message to Q++ informing it of its impending crash.


Cause : The cause of a QuarkXPress crash depend on whether it occurred duping page copying, token replacement, or at the end of diary generation, when saving the output file. Click on the corresponding link to learn more about the various causes of QuarkXPress crashes and the workarounds that are known.


Consequences : You will not be able to scan GridTemplates or generate diaries until this problem is solved.


Solutions :


Restart Q++Studio : automatically closes and re-launches Q++, allowing Q++ to automatically clean up the mess caused by a QuarkXPress crash.This is usually sufficient to solve the problem.


View QuarkXPress crash log file : opens the file containing the information about the last action that QuarkXPress tried to carry out before crashing. This does not solve the problem, but allows you to see what the cause could be in the GridTemplate.

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