QuarkXPress Preferences are not synchronized

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QuarkXPress Preferences are not synchronized

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Cause : Q++Studio has noticed that the QuarkXPress preferences file, xpress.prf, used in your internal QuarkXPress is older than the same file in your external QuarkXPress.


This message only applies to QuarkXPress version 3, 4 and 5.


Consequences : Changes made to your everyday external QuarkXPress preferences (hyphenation, subscripts, tabulations, …) will not be the same in the internal QuarkXPress used to inspect output file errors. If you need to make manual corrections to the output file, you will find the QuarkXPress environment slightly different than your usual one.


Solutions :


Let Q++Studio Synchronize Quark Preferences automatically : Q++Studio will copy the xpress.prf file from the external Quark to the internal Quark folder.


Edit preferences yourself : Q++Studio opens the internal version of QuarkXPress and lets you change QuarkXPress preferences manually.

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