Q++ Xtension is missing

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Q++ Xtension is missing

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Cause : This message occurs if the Q++ xtension that corresponds to the version of the internal Quark used to scan and generate cannot be found where it is expected to be.


Consequence : You will not be able to scan GridTemplates or generate diaries until this problem is solved.


Solutions :


Change Quark Version : The version of QuarkXPress that is used on your workstation may have been changed accidentally, or you may have moved to a more recent version of QuarkXPress and uninstalled the previous one (this is not recommended, you should always keep previous versions of QuarkXPress on your workstation ... you never know when you might need them).


Reset QuarkXPress versions manually : Opens the Preferences dialog and lets you do one of the above, manualy, as well as set other parameters related to QuarkXPress, such as the locations of the QuarkXPress executable on your PC.


Re-apply the latest update : This will ensure that the latest vesion of all the Q++ xtensions are re-installed to your workstation.

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