The Saras Menu Items

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The Saras Menu Items

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Saras and SaraSets are accessed through the ADVANCED menu. Saras and SaraSets follow the same logic as other data elements on the DATA menu.


Stand Alone SARAs : Use the "TOOLS|saras" menu to launch the stand-alone Saras. This allows you to Sara any QuarkXPress file independently of any Script. Most of the functionalities of stand-alone Saras are the same as when Saras are part of a Script, so you should be familiar with the chapter on Saras, before reading on. The main difference is visible at the bottom left of the Saras window; you select the input and output files of the Sara directly. Note that you can use stand-alone Saras to sara a GridTemplate. This is quite a time saver if a customer wants an existing grid, but with different fonts and/or attributes.


SARAs Sets : Use the "TOOLS|SaraSets" to open the SaraSets Manager. For more details, see The SaraSets Manager.


For more details, see the chapter on Saras.

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