Scanning Messages (QuarkXPress)

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Scanning Messages (QuarkXPress)

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Most of the verification of tokens occurs when generating a diary and any error found results in run-time messages. Only at this late stage can tokens be verified in their full context (dates, languages, holidays, ...). However there are a few obvious tokens or document errors, usually typographic, that can be caught at the time that a GridTemplate is scanned.


Document Errors


When Q++ detects the document errors below, the scan process is usually aborted and you must fix the error before being able to scan successfully again.


Grid contains X defined colors


Box number X on page Y is part of a group box that crosses a page boundary


Scan refers to page number X, but Quark file only contains Y pages


Scan refers to page number X, which is impossible


Scanned grid contains page number X


Scanned GridTemplate uses Sections


More than one layout in document


Document layout type is not print


Object fully off either page


Tokens Errors


When Q++ detects the token errors below during scanning, it displays a message proposing to re-open the GridTemplate and modify it before proceeding. If you do not wish to address these messages immediately, you can proceed anyways and these messages will be available again at any time through a design-time message


The maxima are X days over Y pages


Missing closing brace starting at


Repeated opening brace in


Unmatched closing brace at the end of


Repeated closing brace in


Q++ cannot accurately determine the DayValues contained in page X


[GenTokensX] is placed on the first line of its textbox


None of the tokens on page X has any DayValue


See also Scanning Messages generated by Q++Studio.

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