Warnings were issued during scanning of Grid

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Warnings were issued during scanning of Grid

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Cause : When analyzing the results of scanning the current GridTemplate, Q++Studio found some potential problems with the tokens it contained. These warnings were displayed to you at the time of scanning but, unless their context was immediately obvious, you were encouraged to wait until the appearance of this message to better be able to pinpoint the source of the warning.


Usually these errors are either unmatched opening braces such as :


 [1Mmmm   [1d]


or unmatched closing braces, such as :




The full list of possible messages is :


The maxima are X days over Y pages


Missing closing brace starting at


Repeated opening brace in


Unmatched closing brace at the end of


Repeated closing brace in


Q++Studio cannot accurately determine the DayValues contained in page X


[GenTokensX] is placed on the first line of its textbox


Grid contains X defined colors


Consequences : If these warnings are not addressed, then any token that occurs after the unmatched brace, in a textbox that contains a warning, will be ignored (ie. not converted).


Solution :


Open Current GridTemplate : Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress so that you can correct the mis-matched braces.


View log of warnings/errors : View the details of the scanning messages in the Scanning Messages Dialog.


Re-Scan Current GridTemplate : Usually not useful in the present case, unles you have already corrected the tokens in QuarkXPress.


Open Templates Manager : View the details of all the textboxes and their contents for the problematic Template.

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