Script folder is busy. Do you wish to wait ?

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Script folder is busy. Do you wish to wait ?

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This message means that the folder (or directory) in which you are trying to save a new Script (new Scripts are also created when doing a Save As, Copy, and Move) is currently busy. This is usually due to another user also trying to create a new script in the same folder at the same time.


You will have to wait until that user's script is created before you can create a script in that folder. This usually takes about 1 second, so you should say yes and try again a few seconds later.


If you believe this message is incorrect, you can go and manually delete the lock file yourself. Please always mention these occurrences to technical support as locked scripts messages should never be incorrect.


The lock file will have the form :




where Path is the path mentioned in this message. So for example, if the message mentions q:\qpp\scripts\demos, then you should look for and delete the file :




IMPORTANT : If you see any other files ending in .qlk, do not delete them !

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