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str = SetCurHolidaysList(sChar)


This macro function is a bit odd. It is used to tell Q++Studio that a given Macro uses either, or more than one, of the a-e-i-o-u-Holidays Lists. This then helps Q++Studio warn you if these Holidays Lists are not defined (see Some Macros use aeiouHolidays which are undefined).


The use of this function is simple; for each Holidays Set used by your Macro, call this function with the corresponding a-e-i-o-u character as parameter.


sHolList = SetCurHolidaysList('a')

sHolList = SetCurHolidaysList('u')


You cannot combine characters, you must call this function as many times as there are different Holidays Lists that your Macro uses. For Q++Studio to detect the use of a Holidays List you must pass the actual character as parameter. The following would not be correct :


sHolList = SetCurHolidaysList(sOne) // BAD !!!


As mentioned above, the use of this function may seem odd and an unnecessary waste of time. However you can think of this function as the "authorized" way to assign an a-e-i-o-u character to a string that will be used to represent a Holidays List. Instead of writing :


sHolList = 'a'


You just get into the habit of writing :


sHolList = SetCurHolidaysList('a')


It does not add a single line and it is much safer.

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