Simple Inline Filtering in the Advanced Data Grid

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Simple Inline Filtering in the Advanced Data Grid

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In any Advanced Data Grid, simple, in-place, filtering allows you to restrict the number of items displayed by typing text at the top of one or more individual columns and, optionally, using the predefined filtering operators, which are available for each different type of displayed column data.



Note that the matching is case-insensitive (ie. independent of uppercase or lowercase) and that, by default, the filter matches partial strings (for example, searching for dai will return daily as well as Hyundai).


If you wish to use your own wild-card searching, then you can use % as wild-card (ie. SCM% to filter on all values starting with SCM, but excluding values such as xscm).

If you wish to search for an exact match (ie. no wild-card), then surround your search string with double quotes (ie. "daily" would only return values that match daily exactly).


You can also use the Advanced Data Grid Search to filter on the textual values of all columns at once.

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