Slogans appear in the wrong order

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Slogans appear in the wrong order

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This can happen for Run Once Only and Cyclical types of Slogans Sets. The reason is that for these types of slogans sets, the date of the token is not releveant (these sets display a list of slogans one by one). Therefore the slogans are allocated to QuarkXPress by Q++Studio one by one as QuarkXPress encounters a slogan token.


To make sure that QuarkXPress requests the slogans for each textbox in the order that you wish them to appear, make sure that the textboxes that contain these slogan tokens are created in QuarkXPress in the order that you want them to display slogans.


For an existing grid, this can be done by doing the following to each of the textboxes that contain slogans tokens, in the order you wish them to display tokens : cut out the textbox (CTRL-X), then save the QuarkXPress file without closing it (CTRL-S), then paste back the textbox in the position where it was. This will ensure that these textboxes are all treated as new and as having been created in the order you desire.

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