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Slogans Sets

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In analogy to most Q++Studio Data, each Slogan belongs to a Slogans Set, and these Slogans Sets are hierachically organized into folders and sets. There are 4 types of Slogans Sets, classified according to the date rule they obey :



A simple list of Slogans. Start somewhere in the list and cycle through the list. For example, a customer might have "The 5 rules of XYZ Inc." that they want to have cycle every 5 weeks in their diary.

Run Once Only

This is a special case of Cyclical where the cycle stops once it reaches the end.

Month and Day

When Q++Studio encounters a Slogan Token referring to a "Month and Day" Slogans set, it checks the Month and Day (the year is not relevant). If a Slogan in this Slogans Set is associated with the current date's month and day, then the token is replaced by this Slogan. Otherwise the token is replaced by a blank space.

Specific Dates

This is similar to the above, except that in this case the year is important. The Slogan for July 12 1999 is not the same as that for July 12 2000.



Slogans Sets and their properties can be viewed and edited in the Slogans Manager. There, you can, for example, convert a Month and Day set to a Specific Dates set, and vice-versa, using the More button at the top right of the Slogans Manager.

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