Duplicated tokens are being deliberately ignored

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Duplicated tokens are being deliberately ignored

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Cause : When analyzing the results of scanning the current GridTemplate, Q++ noticed that some tokens (excluding tokens that are inside a minicalendar) were duplicated. However all these duplicated tokens have been allowed, so the usual warning does not appear. In its place, this message reminds you that there are some duplicated tokens, although they have all been allowed, and gives you a convenient way (see below) to review which duplicated tokens have been allowed (possibly by another user) and to modify the list of allowed tokens if required.


Consequences : None.


Solution :


Edit list of allowed duplicated tokens : Displays a dialog that lets you add (or remove) tokens to the list of tokens that are acceptable as duplicates (ie. any duplicate occurence of these tokens will not trigger this message). This dialog contains a list of duplicated tokens from which you can select one or more; if you do not know how to perform multiple selections in a listbox, click here.

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