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The SpinEdit is a special case of the EditBox, which can only accept numerical values.




Some tips :


Use the UP and DOWN keys to increase the SpinEdit's value by 1.


Use the PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys to increase by a larger number (usually 10, but this can vary depending on the information controled by the SpinEdit).


If you enter a non-numerical value it will be rejected and your PC will beep.


When a SpinEdit handles decimals (it usually only deals with integers), the decimal separator is the one based on your Windows locale. Usually you can tell what it is from the displayed value, but is any case, if you choose the wrong decimal separator, you will be notified and given a chance to change it.


Otherwise, the text inside this control can be manipulated using the same keyboard shortcuts as those of the EditBox, as well as the standard Windows text selection and clipboard shortcuts.

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