Spurious characters in MiniCalendar token

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Spurious characters in MiniCalendar token

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This message arises if Q++Studio encounters a MiniCal marker token whose marker contains too many digits to specify the month offset. Minical tokens markers should be of the form mc+XX or mc-XX or mcXXX where X is any digit from 0-9. A typical example of an error leading to the present message would be using :


 [1mc+045] (wrong)


instead of


 [1mc+45] (good)


You may ask why Q++Studio cannot automatically convert +045 into +45, rather than generating an error. We cannot automatically convert it, because then there is the risk that the, in effect, duplicate tokens [1mc+045] and [1mc+45] would not generate a duplicated tokens warning. So the only solution is to reject the token (sorry guys, it's for your own good ;-).

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