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int = StrToIntDef(sString, nDefaultVal)


The macro function IntToStrDef() converts the string sString into a number, in the same manner as does the function IntToStr but with the added feature that if the value of sString does not represent a valid number, then instead of generating an error, the function will return the value nDefaultVal.


// same behaviour as StrToInt()

StrToIntDef('1024', -1) = 1024

StrToIntDef('0012', -1) = 12


// the following would generate an error

// if used with StrToInt()

StrToIntDef('1.024', -1) = -1

StrToIntDef('1,024', 12) = 12

StrToIntDef('Elvis', 666) = 666


See also: StrToInt, IntToStr.

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