Template uses aeiou-Namedays which are undefined

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Template uses aeiou-Namedays which are undefined

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Cause : The GridTemplate used by the current DiaryGridLine uses namedays tokens such as [:nd_a], [:nd_e], …, but no corresponding Holidays Set has been selected in the Namedays property.


Consequences : None of the namedays tokens corresponding to that letter will be replaced. If you are doing a test run, this can be acceptable, but for the final diary, you need to address this message.


Solutions :


Select a Holidays set for aeiou-Namedays : Opens the Namedays property editor so you can select a Holidays Sets to be used.


Modify the "Saints/Namedays Options" for aeiou-Namedays : Opens the property editor for the Saints/Namedays Options property of the DiaryGridLine which generated this message.


Modify Template : Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress to let you change token (if you mistakenly typed an [:st_e] token instead of an [:st_a], for example).


Select another Template : Opens the GridTemplate property editor, to select another Template.

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