The breakpoint conditions you have set are invalid

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The breakpoint conditions you have set are invalid

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This message occurs when trying to save an invalid breakpoint condition in the Macros Debugger. Common errors are :


Breakpoints are not allowed on selected source code line : Breakpoints are only useful on code lines that do something. This excludes blank lines and comments. If you dot not want the breakpoint to be based on a code line, make sure the Code Line box is unchecked.


Variable name is blank : If you only want to break based on a given line being reached, make sure that the Variable Value box is unchecked.


Variable aVarName is boolean/integer/string; please set a boolean/integer/string condition : Make sure the condition you set corresponds to the type of the variable used (see Data Types).


Variable names must begin with one of [b,n,s] : To avoid mistyping a variable name, use the drop-down list of variables; it contains all the systems variables as well as yours.


Variable names cannot contain any equal signs or spaces : Do not insert elements of a condition into the variable name (ie. nDate = 36555).


The error(s) which caused this message will be displayed in the message.

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