The file name.qxd is already in template aName

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The file name.qxd is already in template aName

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This message occurs when you use the NEW button in the Templates Manager to scan a GridTemplate, but Q++Studio notices that an existing Template already is based on that GridTemplate.


This usually is only a hint, in case you clicked on NEW by mistake, instead of RESCAN. You can have as many Templates based on the exact same GridTemplate as you wish. However, before ignoring this message, make sure the following is clear :


You can have as many Templates as you wish based on the same GridTemplate (as identified by its full path).


You should never use different GridTemplates scanned under the same name, or Q++Studio will be confused and you may end up re-scanning the wrong files (and therefore never getting rid of a message that a Template needs to be re-scanned).


An example : you scan c:\waav.qxd into template "Waav1". Then you create a totally different GridTemplate which you save over c:\waav.qxd, and scan into "Waav2". This will work fine until you wish to modify and rescan template "Waav1". At that point Q++Studio will rescan the newer version of c:\waav.qxd and you will wonder what is going wrong.


As a rule of thumb, every GridTemplate used should have a unique filename.

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