The following tokens are duplicated

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The following tokens are duplicated

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Cause : When analyzing the results of scanning the current GridTemplate, Q++Studio noticed that some tokens (excluding tokens that are inside a minicalendar) were duplicated.


Usually this can be an indication that the tokens for DayValue 1 were copied and pasted to other DayValues, but that you forgot to change some of the DayValues for the other days. The example below shows such an example :



In the above example, the user created all the tokens for DayValue 1, and the used step/repeat to duplicate these tokens for the other days of the week. However, when changing the DayValues of the other days, the user forgot to change the [1fa] token that corresponds to DayValue 2. This is quite a common error, and this message helps you spot these errors by alerting you to duplicated tokens, here the token [1fa].


Note that if there are some tokens that are duplicated with good reason, you can specify that these tokens should be allowed to be duplicated (see second proposed solution below). This has the advantage that you only get this message for potential problems, and not for valid tokens.


Consequences : If this warnings is not addressed, then you run the risk of displaying duplicate dates and having some date missing from the output file.


Solution :



Allow some tokens to be duplicated : Displays a dialog that lets you add (or remove) tokens to the list of tokens that are acceptable as duplicates (ie. any duplicate occurence of these tokens will not trigger this message). This dialog contains a list of duplicated tokens from which you can select one or more; if you do not know how to perform multiple selections in a listbox, click here.


Open Current GridTemplate : Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress so that you can correct the mis-matched braces.


Re-Scan Current GridTemplate : Usually not useful in the present case, unles you have already corrected the tokens in QuarkXPress.


Open Templates Manager : View the details of all the textboxes and their contents for the problematic Template.

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