Holidays Sets Hierarchy

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Holidays Sets Hierarchy

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Holidays Sets are displayed in the TreeView which is displayed to the left of both the Holidays Manager and Saints Manager. This allows you to organize your various Holidays Sets in logical and easy to find groups.



Holidays Sets can either be folders or leaves. However, there is no notion of hierarchy in Holidays Sets. The folders are merely there for convenience, and only the "leaves" can be used as Holidays Sets. There are a few rules governing Holidays Sets :


You can only add a leaf or a folder to a folder.


You cannot delete a leaf or folder which has children. You must first delete its children.


The folders "Q++" and "Countries" are owned by Q++; you cannot delete or modify them.


You do not need to memorize these rules since the buttons a t the top of the TreeView automatically enable or disable themselves depending on the Holidays Set selected.



Going from left to right, the buttons are :


Saints Manager

A convenient link to the Saints Manager. A similar link exists in the Saints Manager, pointing to the Holidays Manager.

Reload Tree

Forces Q++Studio to reload the TreeView and all its contents. Only necessary if someone else created holidays sets that you need to see, since you opened the current dialog.

New Sets Folder

Creates a new folder set. These sets cannot contain any holidays, but can be used to store and organize other sets.

New Set

Creates a new set that can contain holiday.


Deletes the selected Holidays Set as well as all the special dates associated with it (Recurring Holidays, One-Time Dates, Saints, NameDays).


Opens the Holidays Set Properties dialog.


Feature used to search for a holidays set.



Holidays Sets can also be moved using drag and drop.

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