The Macros Editor Menu and Toolbar

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The Macros Editor Menu and Toolbar

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The toolbar and menu of the Q++Studio Macros Editor are used for the following :


File-type manipulations : These include "New", "Open",  "Save", "Save as" and "Close". These are called "file-type" manipulation because they mirror the file menu you'll find in most file-based applications such as MS-Word or MS-Excel. However the Macros are not individual files on your disk, they are all saved together in a database. If you wish to save a Macro to an external file, use the "Export" or "Import" menu items.


Editing : These include the standard "Undo" and "Redo", as well as the possibility of inserting code elements such as "Breakpoint", "Function", "Variable" and "Code Wizard", and are discussed in Writing Macro Code.


Search and Replace : These include "Search", "Search again", and "Replace". While it is doubtful that you will ever write Macros long enough to require the full use of the Search function, the Replace function iis very useful if you decide to change the name of a variable and want to replace it everywhere in the code. The implementation of these functions is standard.


Compiling and Testing : These include "Compile", "Step into", "Line by line", "Test", and "Initial Conditions", and are discussed in Compiling Macros and Testing Macros.


Below, we will discuss the functionalities which are specific to Q++Studio, but assume that you are familiar with standard functions (such as undo-redo).

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