The Miscellaneous conditions of [GenTokensX] need to be verified

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The Miscellaneous conditions of [GenTokensX] need to be verified

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Cause : Q++Studio noticed that the current GenTokens options of index X (the number referred to in the message) were last saved when the GenTokens options was still in beta phase (September 1 to October 5, 2003) and refer to Miscellaneous Conditions.



Consequences : The miscellaneous conditions has been modified substantially over the period of time mentioned above and therefore any scripts saved during that period may have miscellaneous conditions that are not the ones you set.


When reading GenTokens options from before October 5th 2003, Q++Studio does try to update the old options to the new format, and this process will be successful in almost all cases.


However, if you selected conditions such as First Mon-Fri or Last Sat-Sun (any individual condition that involves more than one weekday, very rarely used) then the update process will not convert these correctly.


To prevent you from getting unexpected results, this message is set as an error so that you are forced to verify these conditions.


Solutions :


Change [GenTokens] Options : opens the GridOptions property editor so that you can change the Miscellaneous Conditions used to convert the GenTokens token mentioned in this message. Important, make sure that you update the Miscellaneous Conditions of all the enabled Special Cases.

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