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Find File Dialog

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The Q++ Find File dialog is used to let Q++ search for a file for you. It is usually used to update the path of a GridTemplate or plain QXD file which has been moved. Note that you can set a default path for Q++ to search into.



Usually, when this dialog appears, Q++ will have automatically filled the Search for File field with the name of the file you are searching for.


You can also use wildcards in that field (such as : maav*.qxd).

•        Wildcard used in this dialog follow the same rules as those in the Windows Explorer.


The Search in field allows you to restrict the search to a given path (the default path proposed to you, here, can be set in your Path Preferences) :


Sub-directories of the selected path will also be searched.

•        Use the ellipsis button to open the Select Directory dialog and choose an existing path.

•        Use the Up One Level button to go up one level in the directory hierarchy. For example : applying this to c:\qpp\temp  gives c:\qpp.


When the above options have been set, press the SEARCH button.



When the search is over you can select on of the matching files found and press OK, or change the search options and press SEARCH to launch another search.

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