Help Wizard (not available under Windows 7)

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Help Wizard (not available under Windows 7)

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The Help Wizard (not available under Windows 7) is designed to answer questions asked in plain English. What makes it very powerful is that it contains semantic rules about the English language, so that it recognizes, for example, that creating and generating could be synonyms (see the screenshot example below).




To use the Help Wizard :


The Q++ Help Wizard appears at the top right of the Q++ Main Window, as the third of the Tool Tabs. You can use the Help Wizard button or menu to show the Help Wizard tab.

Type in your question in simple English. Do not try to shorten the question unnaturally, and use the active voice. For example ask "How can I define tokens" rather than "How can tokens be defined".

Click on the Search button.

Select one of the resulting topics and click on Go To.


Note :


There are over 2000 topics in the Q++ Help File. The Help Wizard finds, on average, 50 topics for each question asked, and it only presents the "top 10". So the 9th or 10th topic in the list is probably as relevant as the 1st topic (since it is 9/50, not 9/10). Make sure you look at all the topics titles found by the Help Wizard, not just at the top 2 or 3.

You do not need to close the Q++ Help file to use the Help Wizard again and select another topic.

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