The following potential problems were identified during scanning

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The following potential problems were identified during scanning

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This message occurs when scanning went well, but Q++Studio noticed some potential problems and oddities while inspecting the tokens of the scanned Template.


Click here to see a list of the possible messages and their meaning.



Usually these errors are either unmatched opening braces such as :


 [1Mmmm   [1d]


or unmatched closing braces, such as the screenshot above :




If the context of the error is obvious to you, you can then click on Yes. The scanning process will be aborted and Q++Studio will automatically open the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress so you can make corrections.


Note that if you are scanning a grid for the first time and you click on Yes, then the current scan will never be saved in the Templates database, and therefore you will need to use the Scan a New Template option again when you have finished modifying the grid.


Otherwise, click on No; the scanning message will appear again as a design-time message which will allow you to pinpoint the source of the error more accurately. You can also click on the Help button to jump to a topic that lists all the possible messages that could be displayed in the above dialog.

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